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The St. Louis Section Younger Chemists Committee is happy to welcome you to our Forum. We hope you will take a few minutes to check out the resources we have to offer, and contribute to one of the discussions on laboratory safety.
As young chemists, we recognize how important it is to be constantly conscious of lab safety. We are excited to share our experiences, and hope that students, researchers, and faculty across the world will share theirs as well.
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We’ve produced some videos and partnered with other chemists to give you visual demonstrations of common safety procedures.
Browse through our list of online chemical safety resources from the American Chemical Society and more.
Post a question or a comment on any topic relating to laboratory safety. Share your favorite websites, documents, and other resources.
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Students, researchers, and faculty across the world are invited to check out the lab safety resources we have to offer and contribute to one of the discussions on our public forum.
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