About Us

About Us

About The St. Louis YCC

The St. Louis YCC is the voice of younger chemists in the St Louis area, providing opportunities to participate in community chemistry education and network with other chemists in the area. We put on regular seminars on career topics in our Career Management Seminar series. Our annual Chemistry Career Night highlights types of careers that chemists work in. We meet regularly to plan activities as well as network. Through these activities, we want to develop leadership skills in our members, develop soft skills which are beneficial in our professional careers, and make the ACS relevant and accessible to younger chemists. See what we are up to on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Visit: http://stlacs.org/ycc/


About The Younger Chemists Committee

The Younger Chemists Committee (YCC) was chartered by the American Chemical Society to address the specific needs of younger and early-career chemists.

The YCC’s vision is to lead younger chemists into successful careers and active roles in the ACS and the profession. To achieve this, the Committee relies on its strengths of diversity, influential involvement, and dedicated leadership. By leading the way in the use of technology and creating outreach opportunities for our constituency, we hope to change the face of the ACS and become the most influential Committee in the Society.

What does this mean to you? The National YCC serves as a resource for younger chemists to find awards, start local section YCCs, attend national meeting programs relevant to younger chemists, and find other information that is of importance to younger chemists, like resources on interviewing skills and grant proposal writing.

Visit: http://ycc.sites.acs.org/



ACS Office of International Activities and International Activities Committee

ACS works around the globe to enable scientific progress, foster community, and transform the world through chemistry. Visit their website to learn more.

Special thanks for the OIA/IAC for providing funding through the Global Innovations Grant for this project!

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